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ruach bicycle club

Breathing Life Back into the Community

about us

our mission

The Ruach Bicycle Club focuses on science, technology, engineering, art, math, and bikes. Club members will learn bike science, health, mechanics and how to disassemble and reassemble bikes. This will build confidence and help nurture problem solving skills along with making science and math relevant for today's youth.

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind STEM education and biking experience for our youth. Through workshops, mentoring, riding, and hands on STEM programming, our students will experience the ride of their lives.


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what we offer

The Ruach Bicycle Club is committed to providing our youth with a safe space to have fun and learn about the science of bikes on a year-round basis. Learn more about what we offer.

bike clubs

In addition to learning basic safety and repairs, our students will also have the opportunity to participate in group rides to socialize with fellow bike lovers.  

stem focus

Our focus is to expose students to STEM awareness, opportunities, and education by working in partnership with local universities and STEM based corporations.

bike science

Our students will take the time to learn the science of bike riding. From the machinery included in their wheels, pedals, gears, and brakes that help the bike to move, to the physics of bikes in motion.

bike racing

When the time is right, rides turn into races where Ruach racers have the opportunity to compete in open spaces for trophies and competitive titles.


We partner with bike experts, professional racers, and mechanics who educate our students on the fundamentals of bike riding, safety, and maintenance. In addition to encouraging our students on a daily basis.   

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